Network map of Knowledge and Art: possible improvements

Thanks to everybody for reading me and  the good suggestions on how to improve the model. I will work on this again, if you have ideas, please leave a comment to this post. My plan in the next weeks/months is to:

  • Research more the Wikipedia Ontology and the SPARQL language. I only have a shallow knowledge in this field and the data extraction is tricky…for example to make things more difficult, in certain cases the field used is “influenced”, instead of “influenced” or “influenced by”. Any patient volunteer on this to help writing advanced queries is welcome!
  • Add the time dimension. The information is readily available in the Wikipedia infoboxes. This will allow to get a better view on how ideas a propagated and their persistence
  • Improve the influence concept. At the moment the model contemplate a fairly subjective and simple model. Need to add weights and longer chain of influence (e.g.: Cicero => Rousseau => Kant => … => …). This part will be tricky as we are not talking about hard disciplines (try to tell a write his work is deeply influenced by XYZ actors to see either anger or tears…)

3 thoughts on “Network map of Knowledge and Art: possible improvements

  1. Martin House

    Great work you are doing.
    I have credited you in a blog post and shared on LinkedIn so hopefully you will get a little more traffic and a lot more recognition.
    Ps if you are going to blog about Edison you have to blog about Tesla 😉

    1. Paolo Negrini Post author

      Thanks Martin for the very kind post on your blog!
      Point on Tesla taken. I am now working on another network project, to be posted today. As views I am not really an expert of SEO or how to attract views, will dig more in the topic.

  2. Paolo Negrini Post author

    Another option would be to add the geographical dimension. This would allow to evaluate how mobile ideas have become over time, which countries are the most open to receive ideas, which ones are the most stubborn…


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