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I was unable to find a suitable pan and tilt solution for Raspberry-Pi so I decided to create one. The object is 3D printable and provides a stable platform to develop remote surveillance, time lapse and computer vision projects. I wanted it to look well polished and feel like a commercial product so I put some extra effort in the aesthetic and functionality.

The hardware part is developed using OpenScad, an opensource CAD system based on command line rather than graphical point-and-click instructions. The software is sometimes referred as “the programmer” CAD as you effectively have to write code to generate 3D models. I believe this approach is much better for mechanical design as it allows easy model parameterisation.

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Exploded view of the pan and tilt enclosure for raspberry Pi 2Cam-Pi assembled

The software of choise is Node.js, JavaScript and Foundation to create a web application that runs well on mobiles, tablets or desktops.

At the moment functionalities are limited to video streaming and time lapse, but the platform can be used in conjunction with OpenCV for more advanced computer vision applications. For the moment I have used it to do some timelapses from my balcony.

You can find some more assembly information on the Thinghiverse post or the source code on Github.